trndmsk Future Stars #17: Schlenker mit Turnbeutel – Watschelnd auf Umwegen


“I think the expectations on Schlenker as an artist became bigger than expected”, notes German DJ Schlenker mit Turnbeutel. All of a sudden he received requests to perform live. “A few times I did that but always felt anonymous and somehow artificial.” He prefers to DJ for friends in small locations. “If ever”, as he stresses, “I think I don’t like showcasing myself so it was good to keep some distance.” His most recent mixtape “Der schwerste Gang einer Ente” was published almost two years ago.

Schlenker is meant to grow up

“My earlier sets always were kind of cheerful and happy but also deep and meaningful”, says the DJ in retrospective. He wanted to continue the latter, and produced a wonderful set for our “Future Stars” series – “Watschelnd auf Umwegen”. “Schlenker is meant to grow up a little.” His place of residence Berlin was decisive in choosing the tracks: “I’m back to Berlin since one year now, so the sound of some of the city’s clubs has an influence on me.” By publishing the mixtape he would like to become more active again: “Only on SoundCloud for now. I don’t want to feel pressured into performing live. If I make that step at some point it should be at the right place with the right people.”

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