trndmsk Future Stars #21: Oberst & Buchner – Secretly (live)


Oberst & Buchner have been a very special project for us ever since their release of “Doves” which was recorded with Mimu and included a remix by both Rampue and Patlac. But even before that Sebastian Oberst and Andreas Buchner formed the perfect example of a great live act. In March 2016 they provided “Erdberg” as a free download on trndmsk— now they want to follow up with a contribution to our Future Stars series. Their set was recorded live and is titled “Secretly”. We talked to them about the creation of the set, their Downtempo event series Heimlich and their future releases.

trndmsk: What can we expect from your set?

Oberst & Buchner: Exclusively our own productions. The set is slowed down and quite steady. Some of the tracks will probably be released in early 2017 so this could also be some kind of preview.

Where and how did you record it?

The set has been in the making over the last while. We recorded it in the Vienna Primitive Studios in December 2016. Musicians of all kinds of genres spend time there so we have already made some friends we never would have met anywhere else.

What did you try to do with this mix?

We wanted to record it nonstop in one piece trying to convey the dynamics and atmosphere of a live gig. Even though it was recorded in the studio and not on stage.

What does your set consist of? How did you choose the tracks for your Future Stars mix?

Generally, the set consists of both old and new tracks. Some of the old productions had to make way for the new ones. We held on to some of the old songs that fitted the style and maybe slowed them down a little.

Did you have a certain concept in mind?

We tried to keep a classic structure starting with calm tracks and finishing off with harder, more straightforward pieces. Though we had to keep this crunchy starting track. There is no complex concept behind it.

Do you have a favorite track included in the mix?

It’s really hard to name a favorite track in our live sets because we have worked so long on all of them. We cannot say that there is a certain favorite track. Sometimes certain parts work better while performing live, sometimes they don’t work out. The Joe Cocker edit of “With A Little Help From My Friends” certainly is special and quite unusual. Joe Cocker is one of the artists we admire in a very weird way, so we decided to include this tribute.

You started the Downtempo event series Heimlich. Why did you do that?

The reason is quite simple: We wanted our favorite music to be represented in the clubs of Vienna. We met some people more or less randomly, and decided to hook up with them. Since this has been off to a good start with everyone seeing the big picture we are now in a position to book the artists we really like.

What’s up next? Any releases planned?

We are hoping to realise some releases at the start of next year. We will contribute a track to LOKD’s compilation release and a young record label will release a vinyl with us. We are very excited for that EP because it will show how the listeners like our music away from night clubs. Also, we will release two Downtempo EPs on two of our favorite record labels and contribute a remix for an artist we really like. If we can make all these things happen, we’ll be very excited for the feedback. As we said, a lot of the tracks planned to be released are included in our Future Stars mix.


01. Oberst & Buchner – Moira
02. Oberst & Buchner – Amabeha
03. Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends (Oberst & Buchner Live Edit)
04. Oberst & Buchner – Mara’s Cash
05. Oberst & Buchner – Paprika
06. Oberst & Buchner – Bakir
07. Oberst & Buchner – Ottakring
08. Oberst & Buchner – Hagia Sophia
09. Oberst & Buchner – Blank Follows Blank
10. Oberst & Buchner – Something To Admire
11. Oberst & Buchner – Laudon

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