Im Minimal und Techno zu Hause – die „The Message“ EP von Archie Hamilton


Das Frankfurter Imprint Be Chosen hat Zuwachs bekommen: Archie Hamilton ist neues Mitglied der Labelfamilie. Der britische Produzent veröffentlichte bereits am 26. September 2016 seine EP „The Message“, die im Minimal und Techno zu Hause ist und im 12“-Format erschien. Zuvor konnte Hamilton bereits mit Releases auf Labels wie Fear of Flying, Tzinah oder Moral Fiber Pleasure Zone glänzen und führt seit einigen Jahren seine beiden Labels Moscow Records und Moss Co. Wir sprachen mit ihm über die Publikation.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Archie Hamilton: I wrote „The Message“ at the beginning of the summer as I wanted a nice warm house track to play at outdoor gigs and day parties. I tried to make something quite retro in style and different from my usual tracks, and it worked really well at every gig I played at. I began to wonder which label it might fit on, and that’s when I got a „Message“ from the manager of Be Chosen, asking for an EP.

Where did you record it? And how?

Funnily enough I recorded the parts for The Message in several locations and over a number of months; I started making an acid/electro style kick and bass combination with funk drums at home, layered the pad and vocal and it was basically done. After that I just arranged it in such a way that the elements come in slowly after the break rather than all at once. I didn’t have an A side to go with it at the time, so I got to work straight away and Shake basically wrote itself in about 48 hours!

How did you get in contact with the record label?

I already have a great relationship with DBH, who manage the label. I was actually at the FUSE x Hyte opening after party at a villa in Ibiza when I got the message so it made the day even better as I have long been a big fan of Be Chosen, so I am honoured to release there.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

I have two more remixes coming this year, one on Mayak and one on FA>IE. January will see the first release of my collaborative project with Rossko – three tracks on our new label, then I have a follow up record to Mind lank on FUSE in February, and a collaborative EP with Enzo Siragusa on Moscow Records in March. Busy few months.


01. Archie Hamilton – The Message
02. Archie Hamilton – Shake