trndmsk Future Stars #22: Viktor Talking Machine – All About Vinyl

Viktor Talking Machine

Just before the highlands of Tibet there is a small glade full of black fern dancing to the rhythm of the sun. This is where the locals of the small coast village find the remains of a massive storm of comets; a dark, viscous liquid which they promptly turn into brownies with ice cream and pickles. This energy runs huge machines that plant windflowers and support the mating of the bees. When the planets form a circular orbit once in every 1210 years, a child will be born in this magical place, destined to change everything. Viktor was raised in a musical family on the outskirts of a small mountain village. He was very young when he discovered his love for nature and the world of sounds. This is why he absorbed all noises of the nature and the wilderness of the Antarctic, which helped him find the deep sounds he still conveys today.

The 22nd contribution to our trndmsk Future Stars series is characterised by vinyls and sets that just wouldn’t stop: “All About Vinyl” by music duo Viktor Talking Machine.

trndmsk: Six hours. What on earth was driving you?

Viktor Talking Machine: Probably the desire to add another suitable track and the inner voice that was saying: “Ah, come on, one more!” We had tracks for ten hours but SoundCloud only listens for 6 ¾, unfortunately. Well, seriously, six hours are the perfect length for us because we can take the listeners on a very personal ride telling a unique story.

Where and how did you record the mix?

We reorded it at home after a long and colourful weekend full of music and crazy people. Our euphoria was so present at the time that we could not have stopped earlier. We were just drifting around and preserving our mood with this set.

What was your aim when creating the mix?

It was important to us to create something different than these 60-minute sets. They make us think of Hot Rotation on the radio or EDM raves where every DJ has exactly one hour to fire off his hit songs. It’s not really our world. Our intention was to capture the atmosphere of evenings slowly turning into nights. We didn’t care about the currentness of the tracks, only how together they would form something new within the set.

How did you choose the tracks? Or was that super spontaneous?

We took a whole day only to choose the tracks. It was our aspiration that let us take so long for that as we didn’t want to feature artists and record labels more than once. Whether that worked out, we don’t really know. Eventually, it felt like gathering all the records in our shelf and playing Mau Mau with them.

Do you have a favorite track included in the set?

There are many favorite parts but it’s really hard to name one single track. It often depends on the moment and the memories associated with the track– also the moment in which you listen to the mix. We treat our records like an adopted child. There is no favorite one, every one is special, and this uniqueness is the reason the record made it into our collection.

Any news regarding productions and releases?

We are currently working on three remixes and two more EPs. We will publish new stuff by the end of the year. However, we realised that we are no production machines. It usually takes a long time to create something that gives both of us 100% satisfaction. This doesn’t mean that one thing is better than the other. It’s just the way we do it.

This is August 2017. What does your summer schedule look like?

As summer would have it we had many gigs outdoors. The beautiful Feel Festival, IPSE and the Superfriends Open Air in Rummelsburg made for some great memories. But some of the clubs were very nice to play in as well, such as Ritter Butzke, Birgit&Bier and Leipzig’s Elipamanoke. We try to perform as often as possible and are already looking forward to this autumn with wonderful club gigs from Berlin to Munich. Also, we will reconstruct our studio in late summer to get ready for the next projects. If we have time, we will go on holiday as well: hiking through the Tibetan mountains to get some new inspiration.

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