trndmsk Future Stars #29: Troja – A Deep Dive Into The Unknown


“I recorded the set during my recent travels across rural India”, says Troja about his contribution to trndmsk’s Future Stars series. He recorded “A Deep Dive Into The Unknown” in a small village in Rajasthan, thus “was surrounded by a lot of nature and very down to earth people leading simple lives.” ‘Slow is sexy’ could work as a slogan for Troja‘s music: “In India, there’s a lot of high-tempo straight techno going on and I wanted to push the idea of slow melodic music being equally danceable and enjoyable at a party.” As the artist doesn’t like the idea of playing promos in his sets, he chose only tracks he is really fond of; “released or unreleased doesn’t matter so much to me.”

“It’s always difficult to shortlist when you listen to so much”

“As this was a mix for the Future Stars series, I chose tracks from artists who in my book are the future stars. Maybe one or two of them are already well-established but are re-discovering a new direction for themselves, but mosts artist included in the mix are up and coming and a huge source of inspiration to me.” Given this passion for the tracks included, he wouldn’t like to name a favorite one: “I think all of the tracks used in the mix are my favorite (laughs). It’s always difficult to shortlist when you listen to so much!” Still, Lunar Plane’s ‘Ghursel’, Maga’s ‘Cracks of the Dawn’ and the MoM & Anut remix of ‘Triptych Vision’ by Hrag Mikkel are three tracks that he tends to use more often in recent gigs. “I have a lot of interesting stuff coming up over the course of this year”, says the Indian artist. “From the production side of things, I just recently finished a remix for Dustin Nantais, which will soon be released on David Hohme’s ‘Where The Heart Is’, and I’m currently working on a remix for Rey & Kjavik.” As a DJ, he’ll be on tour this summer when going to Europe for six months: “I’ve always loved playing in the region and after an amazing two months last year with gigs at KaterBlau and Rituel Festival, I decided to spend more time there. The energy is amazing and I’m super excited about it.”

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