A dark and digging club track – Prismode and Solvane release “Mole” ep on Ritter Butzke Studio


Prismode and Solvane resurface again on Ritter Butzke Studio with a dark and digging club track “Mole” with ethnic side notes. Seth Schwarz and Stephan Zovsky add strings, a spimplified continuously floating 16th synth sequence and an epic vocal break to the original. Niconé is pumping the track up with tight off-percussions and crazy effects on the original elements. With an emphasis on the pad samples Julian Wassermann shapes almost a whole new melody and creates a more soothing version. Heerhorst adds a roaring bass line and stretches the ethnic elements with filling plucking pads in the background.

“Mole” will be out on the 12th of April.