A fantastically warm and vibe fulled house EP – Rawley releases “Worst Love”


My Vision Records is a brand new label that kicks off with a fantastically warm and vibe fulled house EP from Rawley. The two top originals come with remixes by Sven Tasnadi and Monello. Rawley is a German artist based in Leipzig who is a full blooded musician. He brings plenty of well informed moods to his grooves here and also injects plenty of his own personality.

Opener “Worst Love” is a driving house cut with lithe synths, choppy snares and warm blasts of bass all finished off with some deft samples. It’s a living and breathing track to get the party pumping. “Roll Down” then hits harder, with loopy, low slung bass bringing the sleaze, with slamming kicks powering you along. It’s a fresh house cut destined for big things.

Moon Harbour regular Sven Tasnadi serves up a Chicagohlis remix that is indebted to the windy city with its raw percussive pattens and jacking drums, while a Detriotnitz Remix is all about smooth and serene chords, a futuristic sense of soul and uplifting good time house vibes. Last of all, Monello goes for a swinging, chord laced house cut with cosmic pads and plenty of playful vocal samples that ensure it stands out in any set. 

trndmsk: Rawley, what inspired you to produce the EP?

Rawley: Some older warehouse tracks in my reportoire inspired me for this two tracker.

Where did you record it? And how?

How, how, how, i remember it was a lazy sunday im my home lab. Istarted up with some synths and pads about Ableton. Mastering and mixdown cames later in studio by my friend Niklas.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

I play many tracks from the label in my sets so that it searching for any contacts to it and later i found it (laughing).

What’s up next after the release?

Up next comes my remix for Nana K on M.in’s killer imprint My Favourite Freaks.

Are you working on any other projects?

Yes, but i don’t wanna talk. I wanna make art. In all of kinds! If you don’t see me, you will hear!