With a persistent dance floor backbone – Lebip releases his EP „The Case For Misunderstandings“ on A Modest Plan


A Modest Plan decided to make Lebip’s EP „The Case For Misunderstandings“ the first official release, and press it on vinyl. „I met Franco Berti, an incredible visual and performance artist from Italy, through a mutual friend, and was always a fan of his subversive collage work. He graciously agreed to collaborate on the cover art. The EP features 2 of his pieces, and the super-limited „art+music“ edition of the EP includes a hand-numbered and signed archival print of a 3rd piece by him“, says Lebip. „The EP was inspired by all the creative things that can happen when you try to emulate something you’ve heard or seen, but ultimately fail. Trying to repeat something properly but inevitably messing it up creates something entirely new. All 4 tracks on the EP play with this idea in some form.“ The tunes „Shouts & Murmurs“ and „Bits In, Bits Out“ take a dance-y, bouncy form with a persistent dance floor backbone and vocal samples that teeter on the verge of making sense through repetition, but not quite. The other tracks „Shouts & Tremors“ and „Memory Waver“ are a cinematic, patient, and beat-less interpretation of the same idea.