A balance between atmosphere and rhythmic fidelity – Powel remixes Daniel Van Der Zwaag’s track „After A While“

3000 X 3000

Cinematic soundscapes and patient arrangements are accompanied by round kicks and raw basslines to create Daniel Van Der Zwaag’s second EP on Nie Wieder Schlafen: „Once Again“. To compliment the three original tracks the record label asked man of the moment Jayden Klight and essential All Day I Dream artist Powel to reinterpret the EP with their own unique styles.

„Once Before“ is a playful track that features airy percussion and distant melodies which are juxtaposed by a raw bass rhythm. The track patiently progresses into something cinematic and almost choir like for those summer days ahead of us. „After A While“ features a tuned percussion melody, which carries the song through a nine minute adventure of subtle pianos and ambient pads. The introduction of an almost trance sounding up-front bass helps to drive the track into a new direction.

„Never Again“ is focused on a progressive development, kicking it off with a tense intro, while keeping a heavy emphasis on atmosphere. Suggestions of arpeggios are accompanied by a wall of synth pads before the driving bass melody is introduced, carrying the track into a club-focused adventure.
Jayden Klight’s work on „Once Before“ transforms the original into a calm and thoughtful space. Blending fresh melancholic atmosphere with nicely crafted, broken jazzy beats. Powel’s remix of „After A While“ gives the original an upwards spin, achieved with a clever bassline progression and wonderful organic percussion sounds. It is striking a nice balance between atmosphere and rhythmic fidelity, offering a new perspective.