A dynamic and organic storytelling – Ohxalá creates a remix for Puk’s EP “Monophy”


Puk was born in a small town in the Northern Italy. Having grasped the underground traditions of DJing and producing from a young age, music has come naturally to him.Through the years he has been spoiling us with a bunch of techno/melodic house tracks on various labels. Puk’s “Monohy” EP is his first slow release and Stingray Vision Records has fallen in love with the sound he has created. Underplayed TR 303 acid patterns, playful Indian instrumentation and dynamic, organic storytelling throws us into an exploratory journey through his soundscapes which are sure to keep every slow dance floor grooving.


01. Puk – Monohy
02. Puk – SlowOm
03. Puk – Snake Charmer
04. Puk – To Saturn
05. Puk – Monohy (Trent Remix) 
06. Puk – Snake Charmer (Ohxalá Remix)
07. Puk – Monohy (Daniel Steinfels Interpretation)
08. Puk – Snake Charmer (Centaurus A Remix)