A slow version of Zeki Müren’s “Gitme Sana Muhtacım” – Turquoise releases a new free download


The latest installment in our free download series welcomes Turquoise for his second appearance. After “Anatolian Journey” he created another free download. This time Atakan Saadetlioğlu produced an edit to Zeki Müren’s original track “Gitme Sana Muhtacım”.

trndmsk: What inspired you to make the edits? How did you approach the original tracks?

Turquoise: I really love the original tracks. I really wanted to create something out of them. When I hear any track, I always approach what I can do with it. Try to imagine with my own style. I always try to edit them without hurting the original track.

Where did you record it? And how?

I recorded it at home in my free time.

Why do you want to provide it as a free download?

I wanted to reach out to more people and if i do so, more people can feel the emotions in those tracks.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

First of all thanks for all the support! it’s amazing and it keeps me motivated! I will work harder and harder in to produce better tracks. Im currently working on a new projects so stay tuned!

DOWNLOAD for YouTube lovers or SoundCloud lovers (Hypeddit / The Artist Union)