Fresh and creative originals for the peak time – RUKUS drops the compilation „3AM“

RUKUS022 Artwork

To kick start the summer season RUKUS launches „3AM“, and heralds a new sampler series for Matador’s imprint. This first edition features label debuts from AARYON, and Daniel Blackman, and the welcome return of Russell, and WHYT NOYZ. Celebrating fresh and creative original cuts perfect for peak time plays, „3AM“ embraces innovative and timeless music from artists offering sublime immersion in main room moments.

Emerging UK producer Daniel Blackman’s „Tales of Persia“ delivers a tantalising nod to Middle Eastern scale. A rollicking bassline, accented by lofty, mesmeric female vocals and hypnotic melodies, commands a spellbinding breakdown which will enthral dancefloors worldwide.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the track?

Daniel Blackman: The main inspiration came from a desire to build something that was captivating and thought-provoking with the middle eastern scale and style being the centre piece. I love immersive music and find the middle eastern style of music to be incredibly immersive and thought provoking. The instruments they use can be quite haunting, their vocals are powerful, their riffs are curious, and their drums can be quite ferocious. 

Where did you record it? And how?

My style for recording or developing a tune is quite process orientated and 95 % of what I do is in the box using Ableton. I start generating as many big, key ideas as I can, usually in session view and then narrow it down to one I like. I’ll add secondary elements, lay out my tune in arrangement view and then continue to add the additional parts.

However, this time around something very special happened. I sent an initial version of Tales of Persia to Matador which didn’t include any of the vocal parts, it was purely instrumental. He loved it and played it but asked if I could do a vocal version of the tune. My girlfriend and I got our heads together and she provided some incredible vocals. The words and emotion seemed to sit so well within what is quite a dark, brooding tune. We added some further harmonies and were really pleased with the results, as was Matador. The funny thing is, my girlfriend isn’t a singer and we recorded the vocal on my iPhone! Which goes to show, you don’t need high end equipment in order to produce good music. Your idea is more important.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

This is quite a funny story. Matador has been a friend of ours for quite a few years now. My girlfriend and I initially met him whilst we were writing a review on a night he was playing at in Manchester, UK. Prior to the gig we went to his hotel to interview him for the review, which we ended up doing in the bar of the hotel. One thing led to another and the interview quickly descended into us shotting Sambuca’s at the bar instead! Matador’s fiance joined us for a few drinks and we went to the gig together. After the gig spirits were pretty high and the four of us went to some random after party in the student part of Manchester. Sometime early morning or afternoon the next day we grabbed a taxi back to his hotel and drunk everything in his minibar. Since then we’ve continued to keep in touch and I passed Matador the tune last year at an RA event he attended.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

I’m quite early days into my music career and this is my first release. I’m always working on new music and have a number of tracks dance floor ready. My aim is to keep up any momentum I get from this release and target the labels that have inspired me throughout my journey so far. 


01. AARYON – Unpleasant
02. Daniel Blackman – Tales of Persia
03. Russell – The Wager
04. WHYT NOYZ – Snakes & Ladders