„I love to use some essential electronic tracks“ – Chamelio3000’s Kowalski mixtape


trndmsk: How did the gig come about?

Chamelio3000: Within my 2-month residency a Kowalski I was happy to play this very intimate open air area on sundays at the Terrace. Thanks again to Sascha and the Kowa-Team. Always a highlight.

How did you choose the tracks? Did you make a plan before the gig?

I love to use some essential electronic tracks in the summer. Then I add wonderful new releases inspired from festivals and other DJ colleagues. I pre-select always some tracks but decide then in the venue what should work. Depends on guests and their

How would you describe the atmosphere during your performance?

Intimate, personal, positive and beautiful people.

Do you have a favorite track included in the mix? What three songs do you tend to use in your current sets?

Valeron (Scorpios Mykonos resident) remix of Derun’s „Girant Swing“ transports for me perfect the feelings in the summer and the sea paired with traditional instruments. Great track! Three songs I use: „Paris Madness“ by Samaran, „Hypnos“ (Innelleas’s Highways To Hypnosis Remix) by Danito & Athina and „Bad Love“ (Eagle & Butterfly Remix ) by Ry X.

What are your near future projects?

I love to dig for good tracks. So hopefully find more good music and provide people with nice tunes and good times.