Not only for the dancefloor – Constantijn Lange presents his new EP „The Lymbic Corpus“

The Lymbic Corpus_Artwork

The two tracks of „The Lymbic Corpus“, the new EP from Constantijn Lange were created to be played not only on the dancefloor – It is music which spreads a colorful and positive vibe into our worlds, music which is a good companion for us while we are travelling in a hectic city, leading towards nature, visiting our beloved ones or taking a deeper journey into the hidden places of our inner selves. Creating a colorful structure with stacking different melodic parts on top of each other always has been a trademark for Constantijn ́s productions as we enjoy these elements with the first track „Corpus“ and also discover a whispering voice from time to time interacting with a lovely Juno 60 chord progression. „Lymbic“ continues the musical journey starting with a groovy bassline, a breakbeat loop and great shuffled drums played by David Hofmann.

This EP is a bright and shiny invitation for all of us, to stargaze and daydream – Keeping our hearts warm. The EP is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and Juno.

What inspired you to produce the EP?

The love for music, new learned chord progressions (learning jazz theory at the moment). I was curious what will happen when i open the whole genre a little bit more for myself, and it feels amazing. Let’s just say it’s electronic music, no matter if some call it deep house, downtempo, ambient or electronica. I wanted to produce music which doesn’t need any genre definition.

Where did you record it? And how?

„Corpus“ just happened while i was producing a track together with Willi (Midas104) in his studio – We talked about new production styles, shared our experiences we made so far since we produce music. It was really inspiring for me, so i also sat down in my studio at home and tried out some new styles of arranging a track, recorded long jams of different synth chord progressions with my Juno-60, some Plugin Synths and some lead bass sounds with my Studio Electronics SE-02. „Lymbic“ was really hard to finish for me. I had it in my „unfinished tracks“ folder for almost 2 years and i didn’t know how to bring it to an end. So i guess i had 5 or 6 versions of it, always with a different bassline, some new chords, sometimes with too many melodic layers in it. I didn’t touch it since i came back from a one month trip to mexico, but then after the trip everything just felt right – i had the idea of using this classic sounding juno lead coming in in the second half of the track, and letting the other melodies and pads just appear and disappear in the background from time to time, playing a lot with volume automations as well. Then i had the idea to ask my good friend David Hofmann (Dürerstuben, RJ, IAMSIMRO) to play his great sounding drumkit on top of the track, and he did it very well! So i also had a great hat, rimshot, snare shuffled drum section which i could use. In the end everything just made sense and i am more than happy with the result.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

„The Lymbic Corpus“ is the first EP on a platform i founded. It’s called RVNSWY and i guess there will appear some more tracks on this one in the future. Each EP with a colorful artwork – Because i love bright and shiny colours.

What’s up next after the release?

Music, Field Recordings, Jazz Theory, Traveling, Meditation and Yoga.

Are you working on any other projects?

It’s a never ending story, so yes of course – Maybe another EP till the end of 2019 and then i might start with a next longplayer soon.