Radikon’s annual “Reto” compilation celebrates its second edition

Radikon - Reto II - Compilation

Radikon’s annual Reto compilation celebrates its second edition with catalogue number 008. It’s been a year full of ecstatic highs and grueling lows, but most of all, great electronic music. Reto II is dedicated to everyone – fans, artists and collaborators – that helped make Radikon’s inaugural journey a year to remember. Reto II features 10 Tracks by Radikon veterans and newcomers alike. Returning artists include label heads Jonas Saalbach and Guzy, Dahu, Tony Casanova, Sören Laga, Foreign Guest, Yubik and Yuven. Radikon is also proud to welcome several debut artists to the label. Copenhagen’s Baime, Cologne’s youlaike and Berlin native Mat thias Schuell offer up astounding compositions and are welcome additions to the growing Radikon family. From our home base at Funkhaus Berlin our profoundest thanks for a great

What inspired you to produce the track?

Yuven: For the song “Rituals” I was greatly inspired by two very opposing surroundings. One of which was the stunning nature of Iceland, where I was spending some time with friends in a cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You could also see the water fountain of distant geysers from there. Very impressive. This is where I put down the main pad and the general atmospheric vibe of the song. I haven’t touched the project after the trip until last year where I was on my way to the studio and went through some older ideas. It was beginning of November and Berlin has already turned into this dark and gray city. When I listened to that older project it immediately took me back to the highlands of Iceland.

Where did you record it? And how?

So I took the atmo sounds from my laptop and brought it to my studio, which is in Funkhaus in Berlin together with Jonas Saalbach. The main pad that goes through the whole song was done with Diva. I then played around with the toms and created a loop that was just the pad, toms, bass and kick. After that I added the lead with the prophet 6, my favorite synthesizer! With the lead the arrangement came together pretty naturally then.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

I met David Guzy and Jonas Saalbach, the owners of Radikon, at a very funny night in Sisyphos two years ago. After that we became pretty close friends and since last year I also share the studio with Jonas, which is really awesome. I love these guys and what they are creating with Radikon.

What’s up next after the release?

There is a remix I did coming in December and I am working on a new EP, which will go more in the direction of „Rituals“ compared to the „Reflections“ EP I released in August. Also I just started going to the studio together with Jonas again, so there might be coming another EP from us next year.

Are you working on any other projects?

I also play in an atmospheric black metal band called “Der Weg Einer Freiheit”, which was also the reason why I went to Iceland, we played at a very nice festival in Reykjavik.


01. Yubik – Stray From The Path
02. Baime – Guldregn
03. Yuven – Rituals
04. Foreign Guest feat. Cook Strummer – Run
05. Dahu – March
06. Jonas Saalbach – Emergence
07. Tony Casanova feat. Frida Darko – Gamechanger
08. Søren Laga – Kumera
09. Guzy & youlaike – Magenta
10. Matthias Schuell – Goodbye