The deep feeling for someone from the first minute – new release by Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink (1)

Pretty Pink – risen from the deep and dark woods of the Harz in Germany, a charming pink lady made a serious way through the steaming and raging international club zone to manifest her belief in the very finest tunes of tech, deep- and the most unique secret selection of house-music.

What inspired you to produce the track?

Pretty Pink: Back in the past I met “The Element” and we already did a track named “My Kick” together, I love his voice so I ask the LA guys if they wanna join me on my new record for Found Frequencies. The instrumental was already done by than, with the harmonic first layout, we thought of an lyric and landed by LOVE. “Deepest” Beat describes the deep feeling for someone from the first minute and drives Love to the Beat.

Where did you record it? And how?

The track was recorded in a studio and the vocals flu in directly from LA.In the original the full focus was on the vocal to give it the fast drive that fits to the lyrics. Like I told you before the melodic scratch was done before so we needed to find a good way to melt it together with the vocal idea. That is why there is also a Club Mix to it, to pair the dreamy vocals with even more warm chord progressions and bass-driven grooves. So that it is nice to listen to in a casual environment as also in the club situation.

How did you get in contact with the record label Found Frequencies?

Found Frequencies was founded by Lost Frequencies 2018 and I was with my track “Overrated” almost the first artist releasing on there besides his own tracks. And this was based on our longterm friendship since 2014 where the Deep House wave started to grow and we both joined Armada Music in the Netherlands. So it was pretty simple I just ask him how he likes my news track and if that would be something for his Label.

What’s up next after the release?

Oh yes there is a lot coming up ion releases, I just finished my new EP “Fairytail” which features there tracks on my own Label Wanderlust Music in December and also a new one on Found Frequencies in January. There are already a lot new once done without an release date yet but I am working on it everyday! If you guys join my live show I preview them always.

And which gigs in the last months of 2019 are you particularly looking forward to?

An fantastic year is about to end and the last few weeks have been wild! Thank you to everyone that came and danced. December is pretty packed, I have my own Club Tour “Deep Woods” scheduled on 6th at Elsterartig Leipzig and I am looking forward to all the club gigs, but of curse I am attending SEMF in Stuttgart on the 14th the first time this year and that is pretty exciting for me.

Are you working on any other projects?

I can not stopp myself working on other projects, I am always pretty busy and love that. So the Label side with Wanderlust is growing fast, we had 40 really good running records in the last 2 years. So this needs more time and of course my touring plan with Deep Woods I am creating now besides my release plan on my own and other labels.

What do you wish for 2020?

Let’s celebrate together! Join me on my upcoming shows: