The dynamic between habitual impulses and mindful thought process – Age Is A Box’s new EP on LUKINS

AIAB 2.2

Age Is A Box is the musical art project of artist-producer Noam Helfer. It’s a blend of abstract ambience, indie electronics and pop songs. An emotional tornado. „High Maintenance“ is their first release for 2020, inspired by the cult web series (under the same name) is a song that captures the dynamic between habitual impulses and mindful thought process – the eternal inner conflict that controls our movements and actions. In this release, Age is a Box collaborates with Berlin-based boutique label LUKINS which provide us with two dance-floor killing remixes by Still & Bense and Left Hand Island. Each remix provides a different approach and perspective towards the song.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Age Is A Box: This EP revolves around my song „High Maintenance“. This song has a double meaning, the first is about this constant game of control we experience every day inside our own mind and body. „Electric circuits in my brain – They manage me, I manage them? It’s high maintenance“. This is the daily work we can do in order to wake up from this autopilot we might live in. You have to wake up and understand your game. That’s reality. The second meaning is a tribute to Ben Sinclair’s genius TV show under the same name. It’s about a weed dealer on a bicycle in NY, every chapter he delivers weed to a different wild character. And it’s super philosophical and also very amusing.

Where did you record it? And how?

My Version of it was recorded partly in my studio in Tel Aviv, and partly in Roey Avital (Garden City Movement), which also co-produced the track with me and mixed it. It actually started off from a weird jam Tibetan singing bowls, and eventually only one small bit from it surviving into the final version of the song. In this release, we have 2 more remixes, One by Stil & Bense, which took the song beautifully deeper into the club. The second is by 2 cool guys called Left Hand Island, one of them has a band called COMA and the other has one named GOLF. We performed together 2 years ago in C/O pop festival (Köln) and we each remixed one of the other’s song. Turned out to be a mutual release. I like it when collaborations just fall of from the sky.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

LUKINS actually contacted me. I released my Debut album „One by One“ just a few months ago via London based label NEEDWANT. You should check it on Spotify. Patrick and Max wrote to me and said they like what we do, we produced an evening on Urban Spree (Berin) while me and the band were touring in Europe, and we decided to make this release together. It’s always a privilege to work with people that really believe in the art they work with, and they give their heart to each and every release they take into their label.

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Shit man, I’m working all the time. Me and the band got a show in Tel Aviv in April. Hopefully gonna visit Germany again around July or August. Meanwhile, I’m working on two crazy soundtracks for big contemporary dance pieces – one in France and one in Israel. Afterwards, I’ll finish my next EP, towards May I believe. Got another project with an amazing Azerbaijanian Singer. But that’s for another time.