Driving electronica beatsa and haunting melodies – Souq Records releases its first sample pack “Levant Samples”


Fresh from the Souq Records lab comes their first sample pack, assembled from driving electronica beats, haunting melodies and the usual enchantment of Middle-Eastern instrumental palettes. More up-tempo than our previous packs, Levant Samples is a hearty fusion of sounds aiming to captivate body and soul.

Levant Samples offers a pristinely-mastered journey, with ten stems suiting producers of deep house, progressive, electronica, organica, and afro genres. With BPMs ranging from 103 to 121, the collection is adapted to fit different tempos and moods. It features 260 loops total, broken down into 70 percussion ones and 190 instrumental/vocal ones.

Souq Records embraces sounds from all around the world, playing our part in diffusing their beauty beyond borders. The sampled vocalists and musicians all originate from the Levant region, from Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Recorded in Amman, each piece was concocted with love and a desire to transmit energy through sound, matched with technical expertise. As tribal beats continue their ascension in the scene, we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what makes a dance-floor click.

Order it via Bandcamp.

Instruments included in this pack are:

– Arabic Vocals
– Oud,
– Electronic Oud
– Violin / Kamanja
– Qanun
– Nay
– Kwala
– Darbuka (Percussion)
– Rig (Percussion)
– Katem (Percussion)
– Tar (Percussion)
– Kicks
– Snares/claps
– Synth
– Fx

Order it via Bandcamp.