Hakma and the healing power of Melodic Techno

Hakma is a well known DJ and producer in the French techno scene and a recognized figure of Parisian nightlife, especially for his residences. He has shared the stage with prestigious artists such as Boris Brechja, Etienne de Crécy and Thomas Schumacher. In 2018, after a two year break because of the loss of his wife, he returned more productive thanever. We had a chat with Hakma about the power of music and his latest release.


trndmsk: There is a sad story behind your just released tracks and your come back in to the music business. How did the music help you to find your way back into life?

Hakma: Yes it’s true. To be honest, we feel a lot alone after a stroke of fate like this one. But the music was my confidante. It allowed me to evacuate everything I had in me. Good and bad and it made me a lot of good. This EP was kind of a therapy to be able to mourn, it helped me a lot.

What would you recommend to people who have also lost a loved one?

Not to close in on yourself, accept things even if it is hard and go ahead for your family. Surround yourself with people you love because they themselves suffer from it and we don’t often realize it … It’s true that it’s easy to say like that but that’s for sure it is a great mental test, time will be our ally and will make it possible to lighten our pain.

Especially the track “Eimeon” talken from your “Stronger” EP is full of “goose bumps” feeling – how was the track created in the studio?

Thank you for the kind words. I’m really happy with the results, I think the synths are really incredible. Especially that of the break with its melody where I really enjoyed finding it and transcribing it. After that the song was done on this basis.

How did the collaboration with the label come about?

Let’s say I was really looking for a label that suited me musically and Zinger has very good producers and it is supported by great artists. I sent my demos to a selection of labels that I had in mind and it was the first who told me Let’s Go! That’s the story behind.

What are your plans for the time after Covid?

I have new releases planned including an excellent 4 tracks on the very good POLYPTYCH label in August and gigs planned at the return of vacation if all goes well with the covid 19. I hope to be able to perform live and I’m working on it. And I am working for an album in July – for a second electro rock project “HR”.