Matchy: „For me as an artist, my own label Beyond Now means having freedom“

The story begins. Matchy is proud to announce the first release of Beyond Now – a musical journey in search of an existence beyond the horizon. Music individually crafted by genuine artists. No submission to any given structure, a rebellion against elitist systems.


trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Matchy: To be honest, I wouldn’t be able to narrow it done to something in particular. I’d say I take my inspiration from my everyday life and then try out things. Most often a track becomes a reflection of my current mood and style direction I desire in that moment.

Apart from that for the „Nothing Ever Ends EP“ I really enjoyed the musical freedom producing whatever I like, not having to stick to some particular labelsound, only my own. I put a lot of effort and time into these tracks as I wanted the first release on my label to be outstanding.

Where did you record it? And how?

The track was produced in my studio in Berlin, whereas the singer, Johanson recorded his vocals in London and sent me over a couple of takes on the beat. After vocal processing and mixing, sending back and forth many times, we were really happy with the final result.

Initially I liked the idea of creating an EP with 2 tracks including one track with vocals. Therefore I produced the track „Nothing Ever Ends“ from scratch with the idea in my mind to have a feature on it. That’s why for example the track has quite a long break and the vocals actually only appear in this part of the track.

What’s the idea behind your newly created own label Beyond Now?

For me as an artist, my own label „Beyond Now“ means having freedom, expressing myself completely with my own music and not caring about fitting somewhere or into some labels style. Simply being able to completely focus on my own signature „Matchy-style“ and experiment with sounds that other labels wouldn’t accept.

When I listen to new releases on Beatport I have to admit that a lot of new tracks sound generic or similar to me. I would guess that many artists nowadays are mainly oriented towards certain „Top artists“ or labels rather than trying to express themselves and develop their own sound over time. You cannot even blame those artists as a lot of labels wouldn’t accept demos that aren’t fitting into their standard scheme.

But the label won’t be exclusively for my releases. Beyond Now can be described as a musical journey in search of an existence beyond the horizon. Music should exceed the moment and be time- and spaceless. The aim’s to sign music, which is individually crafted by genuine artists, creating their own unique style.

Having talked a lot about music so far, Beyond Now will be a lot more than that, combining it with concepts of art and fashion.

What’s up next after the release?

There are already a couple of Beyond Now releases and podcasts in the pipeline and we’re currently working on Melodic House & Techno parties outside of regular clubs. By bringing Djs, Ljs, Designers/Illustrators and Moviemakers together in one space we will create an experience that exceeds a „classic clubnight“

Are you working on any other projects/releases?

After the success of last years EP, with „Irreversible“ taking the pole position of the Top10 of the label and being the 3rd most successful Progressive House track of the year on Beatport, I will be back once again on Katermukke. I just finished the new EP with 4 tracks, which will be released end of July.