Viktor Talking Machine drop out new remix EP with andhim and Till von Sein

Viktor Talking Machine

After the success of their EP called „Line“, Viktor Talking Machine now return and present an additional remix EP on Super Flu’s imprint Monaberry. Till von Sein and andhim deliver two completely different and fresh versions of the tracks LINE and JOKO.

trndmsk: What inspired you to do a remix EP with Till von Sein and andhim?

Viktor Talking Machine: When we finished the tracks, we had a bunch of unfinished versions, because the material was super nice. We had a techno, an acid, a house and a dubstep version. So we saw, that there are a lot of ways for the tracks and it would be great to have some more ideas for different situations.

How and why did you choose those guys for the remixes?

Simon and Tobi from andhim are really close friends and we love what they do with Super Friends and their remix projects. They heard the stuff really at the beginning and felt in love, so they asked for it and of course we said yes. Till Von Sein is a steady companion in our record bag. We love the quality and lightness of his tracks, so we asked him to be part … and luckily he said yes.

The release also comes out on vinyl, how important was that for you?

Releasing on vinyl is always a target we intend to achieve. We play vinyl only sets and there are not many better DJ moments, than playing his own tracks. So this is the most selfish but honest answer. We want to play the tracks, so they have to be on vinyl.

How was the feedback so far?

The feedback was overwhelming. We got so much emails and comments with warm words and congrats. When we got the promo report, we where super excited and after reading it we where surprised, because surprisingly both remixes got the same amount of plays, downloads and positive feedbacks. So we can say, we made the right choice with both artists.

How are you spending your free time right now?
For us, free time is not the right word for it. We changed the focus a bit. Instead of playing and travelling, we focus on new studio gear, for example a AKAI S950 … which needs a lot of attention. We try to help struggling clubs and friends. We spend more time with the family and in the studio. We sort and clean our records, do some indoor sport and we cook a lot of new and healthy things.

What’s up next after the release? Any plans and projects?

We have a already finished Remix EP with some of our releases that haven’t been published on vinyl. We founded a label for it and used old sleeves instead of using new ones. We have two more releases finished and some remixes that need the final touch. The future plan is always the same … never stop and playing music.