Klassified presents Nhii’s new EP “Gone Too Far”


Nhii and Shyam P teamed up for the first time to deliver a powerful, moving and at times, dark anthem which has been inspired by mother nature’s cries for help and the current repercussions of a world in which we must change to survive.

Remix duties are supplied by German native Niko Schwind as well as Israeli producer and self professed eternal smiler Jenia Tarsol. Schwind’s cut drives forward with a melodic heartbeat and mesmerising vocals that drift across the length and breadth of the release. A melancholic message sits deep within the music, yet Schwind’s version expertly exudes the right injection of emotion.

Next up drops Tarsol’s adaption. Breakbeat undertones set the pace, hypnotic percussive elements filter through, a hybrid middle eastern-esque rhythm that pays hommage to Jenia’s routes, but subtly housed in a more modern electronic aethetic. It’s an early morning riser, a hands in the air moment, but more purposefully, a time for reflection about the footprint that we leave throughout life.

trndmsk: What inspired you to produce the EP?

Nhii: The motivation behind the songs on the EP is my firm believe that all beings, animals and plants, have souls just like you and that everything is connected and therefore we need to live as one with nature. In “Gone Too Far” Shyam and me wanted to point out that humans as a race have gone to far in so many ways.

Where did you record it? And how?

Shyam approached me on Instagram and I sent him 3 songs right away. One of them was a skit of the gone too far instrumental. After a few WhatsApp calls and exchanging lyrics he recorded it in his studio in Dubai. The lyrics sounded great already, so I didn’t have to so much in the mixdown. It was just a matter of placing the in the arrangement the right way. The instrumental is produced in my home studio and some of you might recognize my acknowledge my love for analog gear. The guitar is a very basic fender Stratocaster which I recorded dry into ableton. The biggest challenge was to keep the analog sounds strong and present without taking away space for the vocals and message.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

Klassified is run by Parrallels. A duo from Amsterdam who I really admire and I love their sets. So it was big news for me when I heard they are playing my remix of Stealers Wheels – Stuck in the middle with you. Not long after that they reached out to me and asked me to be part on one of their upcoming releases. And now here we are with a full EP about out 8 months later. I also think that the collaboration with my dear friend Maga on Flying Circus put me on the map as he is very close to Klassified as well.

What’s up next after the release?

Next up are a bunch of remixes on great young labels like Souq, Harabe and Rebellion der Träumer. Also very excites to start working on a remix for trndmsk soon. Also could sign 3 Eps to amazing labels to be released end of summer / fall.

Are you working on any other projects?

I am working on a sonically series of interpretation of life and its different forms. I dont want to spill the beans to much but it will be a year work with a lot of interesting music.