“Release Paralysis” on Otake Records is the first full Frivolous release in almost 10 years


Otake Records is back. This time with Canadian artist Frivolous. “Release Paralysis” marks a long period of time since the last full Frivolous release – a creative drought, a veritable release paralysis.

This is the first full Frivolous release (not coming out under an alias) in almost 10 years! A collection of old and new works; its a dark record, mapping out my emotional and artistic struggles since leaving Europe for Canada in 2013 and dealing with all the crap here! It’s a fitting marker as I’m returning to live again in Europe on July 1st (ironically its Canada day! ) – You can imagine I’m quite excited. 

trndmsk: Where did you record it?

Frivolous: Mostly on Gabriola Island, a forested island about the size of Manhattan which is just off the coast of Nanaimo, Canada (a crusty old coal mining town on Vancouver Island. That place is totally haunted with the  curses of imperialist colonialism – in a way like Chernobyl, cuz it’s full of invisible toxins.) This Island was my home for many years until now – time to go, bye bye!


And how?

In Ableton – there were a lot of different ideas – some of my own vocals, one collaboration with a vocalist in NY (Onili) – but it’s a strange recording: heavy, strained and dirty in parts due to the residual influence of the loudness wars. (Thanks to the E.B.U. for ending that nightmare!) In general, I didn’t have a lot of gear with me when making this. Just a Blofeld, Digitakt and a microphone. 

How did you get in contact with the record label?

Piotr and Liz reached out to me for a remix for their Otake imprint about 2 years back. It was a nice relief to make something that I knew exactly what it was for and didn’t feel much pressure. I think the remix turned out well and seems to be well received. So our relationship is very honest and transparent and they seem to be fine with me being an emotional artist – and that’s just, like, an amazing luxury. This is a record I really needed to get off my chest – “Release Paralysis” explains everything just in the title, I think. People who support you to realize your dark inspirations are hard to find. It’s very therapeutic. 

What’s up next after the release?

I have a big vocal-y duet-y type track (myself and a super talented, unknown Canadian singer) planned for release as a single in aid of Red-cross Ibiza. Luciano is gonna release it somehow (maybe on Cadenza). Then I’ve got a new EP almost wrapped up which I’m taking to another big label…but I’m not sure! – I might be happier just keeping things a bit smaller, doing gigs for people I love and having all the freedom in the world to be crazy and happy (or sad if I need to be) – it’s kind of a toss up!