Generating potent atmosphere and dance-floor dynamics – Edu Imbernon releases “Underwater Breathtaking” EP


The latest offering from WW Tastemaker and ambitious label head – Edu Imbernon – sees the ever-evolving artist step things up a gear, via the breathy and incisive “Underwater Breathtaking”.

Following on from the Fayer boss’ well-received run of 2019 releases that surfaced via the likes of Bedrock, Systematic and Anjunadeep – this first solo voyage of 2020 provides further proof of his slowly moving away from the direct, club-focussed sound we know so well – and ever closer to one that thinks forward, takes risks, and proves harder to pin down.

“Underwater Breathtaking”, showcases this gradual manoeuvring through ethereal motifs, organic-oriented production; and deft, experimental touches. But the main body of the track still sees Edu doing what Edu does best – generating potent atmosphere and dance-floor dynamics, through stripped back and punchy production. Sat next to the triumphant original, is the first of two very special reworks, demonstrating once again why Edu’s bold A&R approach has garnered so much praise over the last few years.

First we see this on-point curation in effect via visionary producer, Marino Canal; who here takes us down an eerie, seductive and almost psychedelic path. It’s rich one and unique melodic character makes his remix so very affecting, and the fact that he manages to make it so, with just a few elements at play – makes his effort even more remarkable.

And this enigmatic pair will be available across Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport and all other DSPs worth their salt, via the stunning Fayer on 10th July 2020.