“Most inspiration I get from being in nature” – HiiRO presents his new EP on Pins and Needles


Pins and Needles‘ new release is from Swiss artist HiiRO who is back on Pins and Needles for his second solo EP. Following up on his popular 2018 release “Tree Of Life”, the three tracks on his new one are in the same style of down tempo deep house with uplifting, melodic grooves.

HiiRO is inspired by the sounds of nature and the energy of the forest, and his music is a blend of electronic sways like the leaves of a tree blowing in the wind.

Each of the trippy tracks on the release has its own unique flavour, ranging from the Percussive style of “Perfect Circle” to the trippy vocals of “Biased Perception”.

What inspired you to produce the EP?

HiiRO: I have been working on these three tracks over a couple years now and really tried to get the most out of each of them to reflect my own unique production style. Most inspiration I get from being in nature, from walks in the forrest and listening to loads of different music styles day in, day out. I basically produce music to reflect on what I am feeling, not what’s current or what might work on the dance floor. Electronic music has so many angles and styles and its ideas are limitless, that’s what motivates me to get out of my comfort zone and try out more experimental ideas. In example the vocals on Perfect Circle are from a good friend of mine who left me a voicemail in the middle of a recording session from this track. It was so fitting and out of the blue, I just had to incorporate it in the song. All three tracks have had a long journey until they were finished and to say the least, it has been totally worth it. I am really happy with the outcome of this EP.

Where did you record it? And how?

All three tracks have been produced and mixed in my studio here in Zürich. It is an amazing place and the sound quality is just ace, so it is a real pleasure spending all this time there. However, the idea of Biased Perception with its vocals from Haptic has first been discussed over 3 years ago when we had a chat about trying out something different ideas that reflects more the hip hop era in my early music years in the 90s. Haptic was really excited about this so I sent him an instrumental and he recorded the vocals in his studio in Sydney. It was a sending back and forth mission with this one but the outcome is ace.

In the studio I use a few analog synths and Arturia plug ins for the big sounds, as well as other selected plug ins for the atmospheric parts in the tracks. The drums I either play in, edit samples I have collected through the years or just record little bits and noises which then get incorporated in the productions. It was all about the flow working on these tracks without having any rules, deadlines or restrictions in the productions themselves, so it has really been about pushing the creative boundaries in general.

How did you get in contact with the record label?

Pins and Needles is my own record label which I have setup in 2011 in London and released various talented artists throughout the years from upcoming to more established producers, DJs and live acts. During the past few years we have also signed more eclectic acts that fit the label and what it represents. It’s all about creativity with Pins and Needles and there are no limits in terms of music styles as long as it is electronic of course. As HiiRO, it is only my second EP on the label and after the successful first release Tree of Life in 2018, I am very excited to finally release my new EP Nature Room. It was definitely worth the wait!

What’s up next after the release? Are you working on any other projects?

Currently I am mixing a remix I have been working on of an original track from Monodeluxe and next to that I am in the studio a lot with my studio partner Elevator Moving where we are working on an album together under a different moniker. But more to that in the near future! I am also painting often and try to melt the music of my productions with the colours of my paintings, it really helps to find new ways of doing things and stay experimental and creative. On top of that, I have started a few tracks for another EP in the future but that is still all work in progress, so you better wait for the surprise!.