What is trndmsk?

trndmsk is an online magazine about electronic music and a music channel, founded by two young men in December 2010. Since then trndmsk has been providing its users with things to know about various electronic music genres such as Techno, Minimal, Dubstep, Electro, House, Ambient and Dub.


You will find daily news and updates about not only national but also international music events, new tracks and publications as well as interviews with remarkable people involved in the electronic music business. trndmsk publishes a podcast on every first Wednesday of the month. It is mixed by established DJs and music producers and can be found on iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube. On Mondays, editor-in-chief Benjamin Reibert proudly presents the “Sound of the Week” – a selected track for you to have a good start into the week. Furthermore, the magazine features categories such as “Useless knowledge” and “Win!”, in which readers get the chance to win CDs, vinyls and tickets to chosen music events.

It is best characterized by the specifically developed slogan “I dance, therefore I am”. If everybody would be busy dancing, nobody would have time to go to war. Philipp Kutter, Vitus Bachhausen, Mareike Köhler and Sarah Schlifter are happy to contribute as guest authors.

trndmsk is a 2013 Lead Academy Award nominee in the “Weblog of the Year” category.